Welcome to Dub-K Toys Social Experiment

The Idea:

As an attempt to pick up where other "sites" have left off and being both a buyer and seller online I know what the needs and standards are. I hope to provide a unique expierience with a familar feel but improved response. With any luck we may end up even breaking the existing mold.

The Concept:

This site is composed of HTML5, PHP, mySQL, mySQLi, XML, JAVAScript, cURL, CSS3, an AJAX mixed in as well. This is a very extensive variety of programming languages and extensions. Please forgive the looks until the mechanics are in place this is all for testing.

The Software:

This is being deployed and custom designed for EncodeDesigns & Dub-K Toys by... EnocdeDesigns.

Much more coming soon...

Newest Users:


Great Deals from Dub-K Toys







Dub-K Iron Paw Voltron 5-Pack

Dub-K Iron Paw Voltron 5-Pack

Keith's Fantasy Club



Dub-K Toys is the only seller in the US to carry these, and to take it a step further only 500 sets are being made world wide. We are proud to present... KFC Iron Paw... VOLTRON style!

Justice IronPaw

Justice IronPaw

Keith's Fantasy Club



KFC is all too well known for their Masterpiece sized cassette tapes. The only real option collectors have since Hasbro has not kept up with demands of fan base.

Beast Wars - TransMetal - Bantor

Beast Wars - TransMetal - Bantor



Bantor is a Maximal of the Beast Wars portion of the Generation 1 continuity family.

FT-05T Soar a.k.a Swoop (red)

FT-05T Soar a.k.a Swoop (red)

Fans Toys


This early bird special will last until May 31st and then will be 190 shipped after